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If you are looking for a gorgeous hike then take a ride to a Ka’ena Point trail from either the South Eastern Makaha entrance or the Eastern entrance located near Mokulēʻia in the Waialua District. The state park is located on the northwestern tip of Oahu, Hawaii. There can be found beautiful views of the western coastline, plenty of wildlife and split color sunsets. Ka’ena Point State Park is as remote as it is wild compared to the controlled tourist destinations found elsewhere on the island. During certain times of the year, waves hit Ka’ena Point with a large powerful force. These monstrous waves tower over the coastline and smash the dormant lava rocks found along the shoreline. The Makaha entrance gives views of these waves as they tumble inside of several blowholes near a cove midway between the entrance of the trail and the state park. These natural occurrences symbolize the Pacific’s might and prowess by blasting salty spray 30 or more feet into the air.

The rough surf the winter waves produce isn’t the only cool excitement on this part of the coastline. As the sun rises high in the Hawai’i sky and the temperature climbs to almost unbearable levels. Noon is exactly the time in which the albatross, hit the wind, beginning the days search for fish and other creature snacks found in the reef surrounding the island. These Boeing-like Laysan Albatross stretch their wings to spans of 6 or 7 feet. Majestic to the sight and gracious, the albatross can be found comfortably nesting or sunbathing in close proximity to those visiting the state park. Several of these birds have found their homes next to monk seals near a beacon, which had been constructed as a reference point for those traveling on one of the several paths leading into the park. This place is considered by local Hawaiian legend to be the jumping off point for souls leaving this world and one might completely believe this legend by looking at the pillars of igneous basalt rocks that guard the coastline. The rocks themselves armed with jagged edges, stand ready to threaten the life out of those who dare to travel too close. This, coupled with the rumors of large waves heading to this side of the coast is enough of a reason to say why for cautions sake. Typically these waves are said to reach regular heights between 40 and 80 feet high for the right swell.

At one point in modern history the largest wave claimed to have ever been witnessed was photographed by a surf photographer named Albie Falzon at Ka’ena Point. Albie had rented a flat close to the action and was able to snap shots from a safe enough distance. The massive power of the waves that took place on December 4th, 1969 wiped out an entire array of fisherman shacks that were seen in one of the photographs documenting the events taking place that day. Greg Knoll, a celebrity surf star of the time period, was said to have surfed from the largest wave to hit Makaha ever. For twenty years the legend was stated that Greg Knoll broke the world record and surfed the largest wave in the history of humankind. As waves destroyed the North Shore coastline, Greg and other surfers braved the fears of many to mark history for the actions they took, making this an iconic day in surfing history. Albie Falzon said during an interview, years later, that every surfer who went out on that day caught a big wave and as to whether or not Greg Knoll did surf the biggest wave; Albie could not say or determine. Unfortunately for would be spectators, none could witness either. The roadblocks police had set up made it so many would be unable to get close to the monstrous surf. Sealing Greg’s place in history according to popular belief.

With dangerous conditions on the North Western tip of Oahu, traveling alone to Ka’ena Point State Park should be approached with caution. Narrowing paths, erosion and steep cliffs all provide for a treacherous hike if the weather conditions are stormy. The challenging terrain is worth the trouble, in the end, for the stunning landscapes that make Ka’ena Point a unique ecosystem.

(Source: hawaiiphotography.yo-rg.info)

This is not your typical image of beaches for those who may be imagining the usual nature photograph seen taken in Hawaii. This picture of daily life in traffic is found in abundance throughout the highway system inside of Oahu. Shot from a H1 overpass, this is considered a day of light traffic locals.
Traveling tip: As a reminder to those driving Oahu, plan some extra time to get where you are going as travel times may take much longer than expected. This can be challenging to manage, especially for those who are accompanied with young children. Plan trips around rush hour and bring activities in case of delay. 
Don’t worry, as the government may have a solution. 
In recent years, Hawaii has seen heated political debates focused on whether or not to fund the launch of a commuter rail project. The Honolulu city rail is drafted to stretch from the west end of Kapolei down to the world famous Ala Moana Shopping Center, a center and hub for Honolulu retail commerce. Such a rail system will provide those traveling from the west side of Oahu an alternative route for travel to work and shopping malls. The route the new rail system will bring commuters is, similar to the old travel time but, through a different route than the Honolulu’s city express busses use. Due to the fact the rail lines will be traveling directly through Pearl City, commuters will have a new option to get to old destinations sooner than what was possible before.
Rail is a new route the bus has never been able to provide. 
The travel time on rail is projected to take about 45 minutes and  is similar to what the C Country Express currently offers via the H1. Some of the Honolulu Rail’s biggest supporters say that travel times may actually be sooner than those projected. Though many claim that this rail will be the solution to Honolulu’s big traffic problems. It is unclear exactly how rail will fix the current issues with Honolulu’s traffic congestion.
Several years prior, candidates for the mayoral election threatened to close rail projects all together. Similarly to what the government had done with the Hawaii Superferry. The Superferry had provided inter-island commuters with a way to transport their vehicles to other islands. The ferry regularly operated to popular destinations such as Maui and Big Island. As booming as business may have been, it was quickly met opposition with environmental groups. These groups had pressured the Hawaii government to investigate the commuter ferry due to damages it may have caused the reef wildlife. In light of the circumstances to this situation, if you were to be travelling throughout the islands, then booking a flight is the only choice.

Even with the traffic in Honolulu being awarded the status of worst in the entire United States it seems that Aloha Spirit has helped put traffic woes behind those living in Hawaii for decades. Unfortunately for the nerves of those stuck in hours on the highways, there is not much else to do but listen to jams and wait for break. Pictures of Hawaii

This is a picture of perfect paradise and one of balmy 88 degree temperatures, with partly cloudy skies and breezy trade winds. These nights make for a delightful pau hana setting. Pau hana is an islander’s term for cooling off at the end of the day. It is as much of a favorite Hawaii pastime for families as any University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors game and just as good of reason to gather the Ohana to relax with each other. These moments are perfect opportunities to bond with those you care about most. The escape from a long, stressful work week means beer. Heineken, is the drink of choice for most of those looking to kick back and enjoy the faded Hawaii sun setting in the distance. 
The Oahu night is in warm pulsations just like the crescent waves crashing ashore. 
The same waves that carry Oahu’s famed surfers through daring barrels which would churn the average man into manapua are found here. No beachfront is more beautiful than those of the Makaha beaches just past Waianae. These beaches are the ocean outlet for the Waianae Valley and Makaha valleys.
Here in Hawaii, we like to live Aloha!
Which means to live with as much love as possible for our neighbors and the ‘aina we inhabit. As the summer sun sets low over the horizon we think about our families and helping our communities become better places for everyone. The photography from our office lanai in Aiea heights and the crackle of our green bottle Heinekens brings in warmth amongst our workplace Ohana. These moments are a break from the reality of working with Hawaii photography. Listening to the popular slow jams on Hawaii broadcast radio Island 98.5 FM can turn these pau hana moments into a light and airy scene. Sometimes with all the detective work around, this job can feel like the popular show Hawaii 5-0. Best of all the cool evening air is usually perfect for a light sweater for the open campfire. It’s hard to imagine what Hawaii might be like, but there is no excuse for never traveling there.
First thing to know about Oahu, or any of the islands in Hawaii, is a concept the locals refer to as island time. Island time is as much a way to say relax, brah, as it is a reason for being caught in a traffic jam. Most people will acknowledge that to be on island time means to go with the flow. No matter if that flow might mean being late to an important appointment with one of Honolulu’s most popular magazine editors. Island life is a definition of the lifestyle found in Hawaii. This lifestyle is laid-back, every day and all day. For the most part this stereotype is true but sometimes the hectic nature of paradise can be as tumultuous as a waterspout. Even though daily living may be laid-back, Honolulu is a bustling city that is constantly alive from sunrise to sunset. At night time, Waikiki nightlife comes off the vine and as those who work in the city return home. Oahu’s mountains become lit with activity of families settling in for the evening. Ohana is one of the strongest bonds in Hawaiian culture and the philosophy of tight knit families is to stick together no matter what. The photography taken in Hawaii is the most unique and enriching scenes of modern island life and we are happy to present a version of Hawaii photography for those enjoying this nights pau hana. This is certainly one of the most unique places in the world to travel or live. Especially to find a lifestyle filled with living Aloha. Pictures of Hawaii

This is Ko’Olina resort in Kapolei, Hawaii. Owned and built by the same Disney as Disney Land Resorts in California, this tropical resort is amongst top picks for all-inclusive vacationing available in premier spots on Oahu. From the private beaches to the beautiful mountains along the west side, the Aulani Disney Resort is an escape compared to the bustling cityscape Hotels common inside of Waikiki. The waters surrounding Aulani are calm and perfect for swimmers of all ages making family vacations feel more family oriented. This all-inclusive Hawaii resort is home to more activities than any other vacationing spot on the west side of Oahu. Our Hawaii photographers were able to capture the special moments children have participating in the Menehune Adventure Trail, where kids from young to adult can enjoy an island themed scavenger hunt on the resort grounds. As to be expected, Disney does a fantastic job promoting family activity and at the end of the day everyone can enjoy Ko’Olina’s outside theater for a late night movie. There is plenty available to do here on the famous beaches of Hawaii including a dolphin adventure, where the whole family can swim with dolphins and their trainers. The best activities for young (and older) adults are the ocean kayaking, while kids can learn how to make elegant sculptures in the sand. When it is all said and done the Aulani Resort at Ko”olina is impressive and boasts that it can do it all.
The most fantastic weddings, our team of Hawaii photographers have had the opportunity to shoot were from the magnificent Disney resort. If you are looking for a perfect wedding in Hawaii than planning the wedding at Aulani will provide for an unforgettable experience. The excellent hospitality, the resort staff offers is world class and alongside the other events at Ko’Olina it is a sure bet for even the most picky of guests. No matter the purpose of a Hawaii excursion, Aulani has everything needed to make a perfect vacation, unforgettable. Our photographer’s favorite service provided at the resort was the beachside meals Aulani staff cater right on the beach. This type of 5 star class is further proven at Laniwai Spa with their most decadent of body therapies to relax the spirit. Laniwai is Ko’Olina’s hidden gem of relaxation, as it is a pleasant surprise, for any adult on vacation especially in Hawaii. The spa offers, lomilomi massage, Shiatsu and Traditional Thai Massage. Not to forget Aulani’s great selection of the best facial treatment found on the islands. Ko’Olina Resort and Spa is a world class option for vacationers and islanders alike. Make no mistake, as Disney will go to great lengths to provide an excellent service that represents true to their name. By pure definition of rest and relaxation, Aulani exceeds all the expectations.  Pictures of Hawaii

This traffic is surprisingly beautiful today. Imagine sharing such a small space with almost 6 million travelers who visit the Hawaiian Islands each year from all over the world and it doesn’t take much to see why the roads are seemingly always gridlocked. Each year commuters in Hawaii spend 5 days stuck in traffic. 5 whole days! With traffic times like those and all the cars jammed onto the H1 freeway; this image can paint a pretty gnarly picture of insanity. When our photographers found out they nearly lost their mind commuting to our studio for nearly 2 hours! Still, even with these traffic times, the billions of dollars the tourism industry brings to Hawaii’s local economy is worth the delays. Hawaii’s unique political, cultural and social dynamics fuel a homeland unlike any other place in the United States. Partly because Hawaii has no specific ethnic majority. In a fact of reality everyone who lives in Hawaii is a part of some minority with no specific group being the majority. It is not uncommon to encounter 5 or 6 different varieties of cultures while walking between destinations in Honolulu. In fact many times it is much more common to hear a language like Tagalog than it is to hear English. These are some of the reasons Hawaii is a famous example of the iconic and great American melting pot. When on the streets of Hawaii it is hard to believe that this place is the most isolated on the face of the earth because every part of the planet is represented somehow or somewhere on the islands. Within the 8 tropical isles, the shades of paradise can feel like a stunning world all of its own. 
In addition to being the most isolated place on earth.Hawaii is also the longest chain of islands found anywhere but none of these islands are connected by a bridge not even ferries. Most inter-island travel is done by small airlines. Due to the volcanic activity on the islands, Hawaii is always growing and a new Hawaiian island called Loihi will surface in approximately 50,000 years. Loihi is 18 miles southeast of the Big Island, the center of which erupts constantly bringing Loihi closer and closer to the surface. Perhaps this brand new Hawaii Island will help reduce the time commuters spend in traffic with more space to move the ever growing population of Honolulu County or at least provide some extra parking spaces, right? Hawaii currently has the highest population density in America and that is impressive since it is only a few small grains in the sea. Due to the high demand for living there, prices for land and real estate are considerably higher than what is commonly found on the mainland. Oahu is 596.7 square miles supporting nearly 953,307 people and because of this the islands feel even more crowded in comparison to big cities like Los Angeles or New York. Each day Waikiki attracts 72,000 people and generates the most revenue from the tourism industry each year. The boom from tourism helps fuel the expansion of the Honolulu cityscape and because of these island guests, many other businesses found in Hawaii are supported either directly or indirectly by the tourism. Pictures of Hawaii