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Far past Makaha lies an almost remote section of beach called Yokohama Bay. The name originally given to the beach by the native Hawaiians who lived and fished there was Keawa’ula. Keawa’ula means “The Red Harbor” and was likely named that because the area is known for becoming a squid breeding ground. The squid were known to turn bright red during mating. Though populations are not enough for Keawa’ula to become red with squid these days, at one point in history, Keawa’ula would flourish in natural wonder during the mating season. Thanks to the heavy influences from Japanese fisherman who dubbed the beach to what many locals now refer to simply as Yokes.  In the few miles between Yokohama Beach and Makaha lies a remote stretch of mountains that are home to throngs of mongoose and wild boar. On top of and inside of the mountains there are many things to see including abandoned military bunkers and even an old army tank. This photograph from Oahu, Hawaii is of a Waianae mountain peak near the entrance to the bay. The Yokohama surf spot is known throughout the world for famous waves during the winter months. These waves are a great attraction to surfers from all over the world who seek the adventures surfing these waves have to offer. This surf spot may appear, at times calm and even as a gentle spot for novices but the beach doesn’t always have lifeguards and has a reputation for being a very difficult place to surf when waves pound in off a southwest swell.  
Yokohama Beach wasn’t always a pleasant place for tourists to watch surfers. The white sand beach have no shade and most of those planning to stay on the beach should bring an umbrella and sunscreen.
Local urban legend indicates a history of famous zombie warriors called the nightmarchers. According to the legend, the nightmarchers were the ghosts of ancient Hawaiians and the fiercest in every battle. They carry kukui torches and come down from these mountains on sacred marches to ancient battle sites or to carry a soul to Ka’ena Point, a place Hawaiian’s believed was a “jumping off” point for souls or in the Hawaiian language leina. Many locals still say they fear the nightmarchers even to this day. On one adventure a group of our Hawaii photography staff met with a lady named Lei’ Ko’Opii who said that she had witnessed the nightmarchers coming down from the mountain and marching straight to Keawa’ula. Even if our photographers had a chance to see the nightmarchers we would not be able to take a picture because according to legend, taking a photograph of the nightmarchers may cause instant death. Lei also recommended that if we did see nightmarchers not to panic. If it so happened that we became trapped in their path, she recommended to lie flat on our faces to show the nightmarchers respect. Other than that it is best to avoid the nightmarchers at all cost! Pictures of Hawaii

This photo from Makaha beach in Honolulu County, Hawaii looks like a setting from a dry savannah. The west side of the island is one of the most interesting micro-climates and is a natural habitat for all types of exotic creatures. 
Hawaii photos like this one show the dry, arid climate from the Waianae coast. Rain only falls during certain times of the years on this side of Oahu. When rain does fall there can be flash floods all over leeward valleys such as Makaha Valley and Waianae Valley. 
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Learning about the Hawaiian Islands can go a long ways in understanding the generations old legends found here in this rich tropical culture. With the local landscape, as strikingly beautiful as it is, good photographs are everywhere. One of the best places to take quality pictures is located by the Makaha beach resort, home to a feral population of peacocks. The Makaha beach resort is one of the options people can have for cheaper trips to Hawaii. This fun environment offers all the nature of the country while still having access to the amenities found in the cities of Honolulu and Kapolei. From the Makaha beach resort it is only a 45 minute drive to Honolulu or 30 minute drive to Kapolei.  
Bring a camera to take pictures of Hawaii’s beautiful Waianae coast! 
The tropical landscape is even more stunning than can be described, even for those who don’t have the professional photo equipment to use for pictures, there are many stunning opportunities for photographic moments that can be captured and even edited with smart phones. Friendly locals on the west side are usually very helpful in finding directions and inside information on where to go in the neighborhood of the Makaha beach resort. The parks on this side of the island are usually very quiet and uncrowded. Making a perfect tropical getaway for those looking for quiet tropical adventure on the islands. 
From Makaha beach there are numerous beautiful photo opportunities in clear sight of the Waianae Coast to the Nanakuli and Maili beaches.
The beaches near Makaha are some of the most pristine beaches in all of Hawaii. These exotic locations are home to sea animals such as the Green Sea Turtle who call some of the Makaha beaches a home and nesting ground. One of the best places to stay in Makaha is at the Makaha Valley Towers where vacation house rentals can be found for reasonable prices. There is always a selection of beautiful ranches in Waianae Valley that are sometimes available as vacation rentals by owners in the area. These owners put their homes up as time share vacation rentals and in the Waianae and Makaha valleys these vacation rentals can be some of the most affordable travel advice by far.

The Makaha surfside is a world premier location for surfers looking for the most challenging surf spots. The rugged beach coast is the toughest surfing in Hawaii. On some days when the swells converge on each other even the surf reports are tough to indicate whether the actual conditions of the waters are safe. When in doubt do not go out is a saying that can be heard quoted around Makaha. When in doubt seriously consider your safety before surfing the outskirts of Honolulu county.   Pictures of Hawaii

This is the far leeward side of Oahu on a stretch of sand called the Makaha Surf Beach. 
The reef here is a natural treasure but can become treacherous for those who dare surf too close. Many of such surfers who visit Hawaii either boogie board, surf or stand up paddle board. All can be found at Makaha surf beach catching regular waves as high as 13 ft. right next to the tiny island in the center of the photograph. The water next to the reef is fairly shallow but a good wave barreling in will surf you right into Makaha beach. There is no doubt that the best places to surf in Oahu are located right here in Makaha. 
The famous local Hawaii surf challenges are held here at Makaha Surf Beach to determine the best local surfers in the area. 
In the distance Mauna Lahi Lahi is visible poking out of the horizon. A twenty minute hike to the top is a place where according to legend, Kamehemeha once stood to direct his naval vessels towards the shore and also served as a lookout to see if any enemies were approaching from the sea. Today Mauna Lahi Lahi overlooks much of the Waianae coast and even has a clear line of sight to the Makaha Surf Beach. 
The sea spray from these tropical reefs can be refreshing. In places around Makaha there are small tidal pools that can provide a perfect place for a nice dip and Hawaii photo opportunity. This particular reef was home to many sea urchins who live on the side walls of this tropical tidal pool. Urchins have a small amount of venom in their spikes; any cut from them is very uncomfortable. Though urchins are not deadly, none of which, would have made a great tropical experience at all.
Honolulu, HI is one of the biggest paradise cities in the world. All over this island, including Makaha, people from around the world gather to see and experience Aloha. At the height of the tourist season, the city can be filled with hotels and those enjoying a Waikiki dream vacation.
Our version of tropical paradise is one that welcomes guests into the splendid sensation that is from the true essence and meaning of living Aloha. Hawaii has more to offer than any of the other tropical islands in the world. The best part of the Hawaiian Islands is the experience of exotic travel without leaving the United States. In order to see the real exotic tropical paradise the islands have to offer. One should try to explore each and every island as much as possible. Tropical resorts found on any of the Hawaiian Islands are always of the most luxurious quality available. If travelling through a Hawaiian airline look for cheap travel deals after spring when airlines are promoting to boost revenue.  Pictures of Hawaii

Hearing ukulele tunes is common anywhere you can travel in Hawaii! That’s because the most popular songs on ukulele are already heard every day on the radio, recreated as ukulele tunes by local island musicians.  
There are four major types of ukulele. 
All are examples of some common variations of the types of ukuleles. 
Each ukulele has a slightly changed tone and pitch. Besides the traditional ukuleles there are several hybrid ukuleles such as the guitalele, banjo ukulele, harp ukulele and the lap steel ukulele. Ukuleles are sometimes manufactured in electronic versions that can be plugged into amplifiers and played live at concerts. Hawaiians adapted the ukulele from the miniature guitars like the Portuguese machete, so in a sense the ukulele itself is a hybrid instrument just as much as any of the newer uke variations have become. Thus making the ukulele, the most popular instrument in Hawaii. So popular, even kids play ukuleles and sometimes just as good as seasoned pros. 
The Hawaiian guitar called the ukulele can be found anywhere in Honolulu. 
Anyone can play the ukulele. Learning how to play the ukulele is simple and probably one of the easiest instruments to start learning on. The ukulele in the picture above is a starter uke that new players may decide for their first uke. It is as easy to learn as it is relaxing to play. The ukulele brings the Aloha spirit wherever it is heard and enjoyed by those who are lucky to be listening to the sweet music. It’s not uncommon for local ukulele players to remix their own versions of popular songs on the radio often times with friends and neighbors who guest sing in the performances. 
In Honolulu, music is an important part of the culture, even the underground ukulele scene. 
Ukuleles come in a variety of body styles and wood types each with different effects on the tone of the instrument. Some ukes are made out of acacia koa, a wood that is highly valued for strength and durability.  Koa wood ukes can be found by most major manufacturers and makes for a deep toned ukes and even better as a hearty ukulele for traveling. On the other hand, Ko’olau ukuleles are world renowned for their precision and excellent construction. Some uke manufacturers, for example Kamaka make tons of different styles and shapes of ukuleles each and every year. They even have pineapple shaped ukuleles and uke body styles custom made especially for children. Their legacy is a welcome part of many ukulele player’s homes.
No matter what style of uke there is, anyone can play the ukulele. Ukes are casual instruments that are easy to learn on. Once you get the hang of the ukulele then it becomes easier to test the limits of what you can do with the sweet sounding music. Even though some of these ukes are high priced, there are many options for much cheaper that are perfect for learning on.

It’s easy to learn the ukulele. Just pick up one and start! Pictures of Hawaii

Dude. Who does this? This is a picture of chewing gum covering a pole in Aiea, Hawaii.
It may be hard to notice when driving by but if you stop next to the American Savings Bank in Aiea then you may have seen the telephone pole pictured here. This pole has been covered in thousands of tiny discarded pieces of gum. Our photograph shows the ritual for the people who stick their gum to this pole on their way to catch the Honolulu Bus. 
Hawaii has a unique blend of cultures that makes it 100% unique. 
Oahu has an interesting mix of activities and a seemingly endless list of things to do. Part of the reason is Honolulu keeps Oahu buzzing with new social events and fresh tourists. Those who visit the Hawaiian Islands for the enjoyments that vacations have to offer can be seen bustling around shopping. There are many things to do made available at Waikiki’s hotels and resorts but even so…Waikiki…is just Waikiki. More and more activities have been opening up in the second city of Oahu known as Kapolei. Kapolei will boast being the connecting point for traffic wishing to ride Honolulu’s newest rail project. Unfortunately though no rail exists today there is certain hope that the rail will be providing quicker travel times to shopping malls and reducing congestion on Hawaii’s roadways in the future. 
Hawaii is best experienced by renting a car. Without having the freedom of driving a vehicle it can be hard to manage experiencing all the things that are outside of Waikiki, if staying on Oahu. Though this might be particularly frustrating, Oahu offers a fabulous public transit system known as The Bus. There is also Trolley passes that are good for inside of the city of Honolulu. These Trolleys typically take tourists to the destinations around town that are best suited for having fun. Though passes maybe expensive you can ride the trolley all day long without any worries. 
Hawaii is the equivalent of Disney Land for adults, with something for all ages as well. 

Oahu is definitely the most fun if you are looking to enjoy the fast paced life of city living. There are many places to shop from the designer stores of Waikiki to the outlets of Waikele. There is really something for everyone no matter what you might be looking for. Exploring any of the islands will always be worth the adventure. Almost no matter what you choose to do on vacation in Hawaii there is a simple guarantee to have fun. It is after all a lush tropical island. Live Aloha! Try Hawaii.  Pictures of Hawaii