Hawaii Photography

Today is just like any other day in Hawaii, unfiltered and unprocessed.  This photograph was taken at Ehukai Beach or as it is better known as the Banzai Pipeline. Surfers travel from all over to compete in tournaments like the Van’s Triple Crown on the North Shore of Oahu. Banzai Pipeline is not only a favorite for those watching the surfing competitions but also for surfers as well. The waves come in close enough to shore that spectators can watch up close on the safety of the beach. 
Haliewa is the biggest town on the North Shore.
The lush summer makes North Shore an inviting place to relax. In general, people consider the North Shore to be everything in between Kaena Point and Kahuku Point. For an island getaway these beaches are a bustling hotspot full of many different activities. The best part about the North Shore is the tropical atmosphere that carries a laid-back country vibe with inviting friendly locals and attractions such as Matsumoto Shave Ice that are absolutely worth waiting in line for. 
Fishing on the North Shore of Hawaii is difficult to do on the reef but the challenge is worth the rewards. Fisherman who have diving equipment like the Hawaiian spear can catch fish by snorkeling the outer reef area. This is where Triggerfish can be found. Catching fish with a spear takes years of training and accuracy. Some fishermen are so proficient that they can catch numerous types of fish within one trip out diving. 
North Shore is an environment with a host of activities to do. 
The only resort on the North Shore is the Turtle Bay Resort which is a world class hotel with two famous golf courses. There are many vacation rentals in Hawaii that are reasonably priced for a more personal experience if the Turtle Bay Resort is too fancy. With locations close to the ocean the beauty of Hawaii is literally in the backyard. Usually depending on the rental home prices can range from $1,000 per week and up. 
Surfing is just one of the reasons to visit North Shore, Oahu.
Sunsets on the Banzai Pipeline are one of the most amazing ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of Hawaii. The islands are home to more natural wonders that are worth exploring than any other vacation destination in the world. In winter, as the surf breaks high, every photo becomes a priceless picture for a traveler’s memories collected on vacation. This photograph is merely one example of the beauty Hawaii has to offer. Everyone who visits the islands can experience their own special Hawaiian vacation. Especially since it is so easy. Bus tours often shuttle vacationers to Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline several times during the day. Some tours even include trips to the world famous Waimea Bay with lunch in the bustling surf town of Haleiwa, Hawaii.  Pictures of Hawaii